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特写 iPhone,显示 Udemy 应用程序和带笔记本的笔记本电脑有数以千计的在线课程和课程可以帮助您提高 创业 技能并获得 创业 证书。

在这篇博客文章中,我们的专家汇总了 10 个精选列表 最好的 创业 课程, 现在在线提供的教程、培训计划、课程和认证。




1. Entrepreneurship: How To Start A Business From Business Idea 经过 Alex Genadinik Udemy课程 我们的最佳选择

Business fundamentals: Strategies to turn your startup business idea into a successful business

截至目前,超过 34542+ 人们已经注册了这门课程,而且已经结束了 1207+ 评论.

“Course Introduction: Watch this first to understand what you get from the course
How to get feedback on your business ideas and make them better than ever
Common business ideas questions and issues
Real-world examples of starting businesses
Productivity and emotional intelligence to make you a better entrepreneur
Should you follow your passion?
How to protect intellectual property
How to write a business plan
Business plan financials
Promotion and marketing strategy for your business
How to raise money to start your business
Business Registration
Bringing your idea into reality (business name, brand, website, etc)
Advanced: Business systems
For non-technical entrepreneurs starting technical businesses
Case study of my current business from idea to failures to success
Timeless entrepreneurship books and their important takeaways
Productivity apps for entrepreneurs to help you work better
Trello for project management and organization for entrepreneurs (optional)
How to get business ideas
Further help and resources”

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2. The Ultimate Guide to Startup Business Development 经过 Andrew Dumont Udemy课程

“Learn and master the function of business development in this practical, actionable, and content-rich training course.”

截至目前,超过 21629+ 人们已经注册了这门课程,而且已经结束了 978+ 评论.

Building a Base: The “Soft Skills” Required
The Nitty Gritty: Goal Setting to Closing the Deal
Tools, Tips, and Summary”

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3. “How to Find, Evaluate and Launch New Startup Ideas” 经过 “Paul Nekh. | Business | Innovation | Video, Olena T. (FR)” Udemy课程

“A comprehensive entrepreneurship course to find business opportunities, evaluate their potential and test with customers”

截至目前,超过 19292+ 人们已经注册了这门课程,而且已经结束了 2349+ 评论.

How To Find Amazing Startup Ideas
Does Your Startup Idea Make Sense? The Problem-Solution Fit
Can Your Startup Be a Massive Success? The Product-Market Fit
Lean Canvas : Organize Thoughts and Ideas About Your Startup
Product Demo : 4 Ways to Bring Your Startup Vision Into Reality
Create a “Conversion Machine” Landing Page
How to Create Promo Videos for your Startup
Free Marketing Techniques : Start Promoting Your Product
Introduction to Content Marketing – Share Value!

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4. Digital Marketing Agency | Start a Social Media Business 经过 Robin & Jesper Udemy课程

“Build a Digital Marketing Agency Business with Social Media (SMMA), Facebook Ads, Instagram Marketing, WordPress, SEO”

截至目前,超过 16146+ 人们已经注册了这门课程,而且已经结束了 2607+ 评论.

Website in 1 Day
Find Jobs
Build Your Agency
Startup Budgeting
Price Your Services
Write Your Business Plan
Build a Strong Website Foundation
Get Clients
Hire The Right People
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
Market Research
WordPress Web Development
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Email Marketing
Google Analytics
Google Ads
Business Branding
Facebook Ads
Facebook eCommerce Ads
YouTube Ads
Instagram Marketing
Pinterest Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Quora Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Content Marketing Machine
Sales Psychology
Bonus Lecture

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5. The “Best” Startup Pitch Deck – How To Raise Venture Capital 经过 J Skyler Fernandes Udemy课程

A guide to creating the “best” start-up investor pitch deck and insights into raising venture capital from an actual VC

截至目前,超过 6845+ 人们已经注册了这门课程,而且已经结束了 1040+ 评论.

The “Best” Startup Investor Pitch Deck
How To Pitch Effectively
Investor Secrets

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6. Launch Your Startup Entrepreneur Business 经过 Meigo Albert Udemy课程

Getting Start Your Own Businees in 31 Days

截至目前,超过 6130+ 人们已经注册了这门课程,而且已经结束了 821+ 评论.

Business Major Elements
Negotiation Skill
Get Ready for Negotiation
Engaging You Allies
Getting Through and Past No
Essential Negotiation
Negotiation at Distance
Conclusion and Tips and Exercise File

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7. Startup Growth Strategies: Simple Approaches for Fast Growth 经过 Ian Bednowitz Udemy课程

Learn how to turbocharge the growth of your startup from a strategist who evaluated hundreds of startups for investment

截至目前,超过 5866+ 人们已经注册了这门课程,而且已经结束了 452+ 评论.

How I will help you take your startup or business to another level
Focus on a niche where you can win like Facebook and Amazon did
Get new customers without falling into the bottomless pit of direct marketing
Leverage your existing skillset and capabilities as much as possible
Don’t waste resources on your least valuable customers – focus on the top 20%

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8. “Build Your Startup with No Coding (Design, Develop & Ship)” 经过 Team Copilot Udemy课程

“Learn to design, structure, and deploy a SaaS startup with Bubble.”

截至目前,超过 3592+ 人们已经注册了这门课程,而且已经结束了 895+ 评论.

Exploring Bubble
App – Resto (Beginner)
App – Navo (Beginner)
App – Foodio (Beginner)
App – Proto (Beginner)
App – Blogo (Beginner)
App – Chato (Beginner/Intermediate)
App – Flixo (Intermediate)

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9. Start & Operate Your Own Successful Office Cleaning Business 经过 James Revie Udemy课程

You Can Quickly Learn the Skills and Knowledge on How to Run Your Own Highly Successful Office Cleaning Business

截至目前,超过 1939+ 人们已经注册了这门课程,而且已经结束了 513+ 评论.

“Why The Office Cleaning Business?
About the Downloadable Resources
What The Office Cleaning Business Has Done For Me
Getting Started
Basic Supplies and Equipment You Will Need
Service Outline/Contract- Overview
How To Get Cleaning Contracts
The Appointment and Office Tour
How To Price A Cleaning Contract For Profit
Pricing Calculators – To Help You Price Faster
How To Submit A Successful Cleaning Quotation
Our Proven Cleaning Routine That Will Boost Profits
How To Keep Cleaning Contracts
How And When To Invoice Your Clients
How To Handle complaints
Keys, Secutiry And Alarm Systems
The Service Outline – Detailed Explanation
Newly Added: How To Make Even More Money
Conclusion Plus where to download files”

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10. New Virtual Assistant Business: Launch Your Business in 2022 经过 Erin Booth Udemy课程

“Launch your own VA business with this foundational course. Plan, manage, and grow your business and clients with ease!”

截至目前,超过 1871+ 人们已经注册了这门课程,而且已经结束了 510+ 评论.

A welcome message from the instructor.
Are there different kind of Virtual Assistants?
Get set up with the right tools.
Creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure)
How do you find you ideal clients?
Do you need a website?
How to set your rates
All about online payments
Do you need insurance?
Finances 101
How to name your business
The most common mistakes that lead to failure
How to fire bad clients
eBook Download
Sneak peak: Finding your first client

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“学习创业需要多长时间”这个问题的答案是。 . .这取决于。每个人都有不同的需求,每个人都在不同的场景下工作,所以一个人的答案可能与另一个人的答案完全不同。

考虑这些问题:你想学习 创业 是为了什么?你的出发点在哪里?您是初学者还是有使用 创业 的经验?你能练习多少?每天1小时?每周40小时? 查看本课程关于 创业.

创业 学起来容易还是难?

不,学习 创业 对大多数人来说并不难。检查这个 关于如何学习的课程 创业 立刻!


学习 创业 最快的方法是先得到这个 创业 课程, 然后尽可能练习你学到的任何东西。即使每天只有 15 分钟的练习。一致性是关键.

在哪里学习 创业?

如果您想探索和学习 创业,那么 Udemy 为您提供了学习 创业 的最佳平台。查看此 关于如何学习的课程 创业 立刻!