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特写 iPhone,显示 Udemy 应用程序和带笔记本的笔记本电脑有数以千计的在线课程和课程可以帮助您提高 招聘 技能并获得 招聘 证书。

在这篇博客文章中,我们的专家汇总了 10 个精选列表 最好的 招聘 课程, 现在在线提供的教程、培训计划、课程和认证。




1. Becoming A Recruitment And Selection Specialist 经过 Nevcihan Dogan Udemy课程 我们的最佳选择

It is necessary to have a good recruitment process to attract the right kind of staff for the needs of your business.

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First Steps into Recruitment and Selection
Hiring Process
Diversity At Workplace

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2. [2022] Recruiting: Talent Acquisition & Hiring (Version 3.2) 经过 “Davis Jones, Eazl (Official), Ludell Jones” Udemy课程

“Be able to hire great people! Learn recruitment in a bestselling recruiting course used by IBM®, eBay®, Lyft® & others.”

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Learn the Five Steps to Making a Great Hire
Step 1: Let’s Build the Job Description and Ideal Candidate Profile
Step 2: It’s Time to Get the Word Out about Your Opening!
Step 3: How to Perform Resume and Phone Screens
Step 4: Interviewing and Managing the Interview Process
Step 5: How to Make the Final Decision and Negotiate the Offer

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3. Recruitment Interviewing Essentials: Interviewing Made Easy 经过 Richard Lock Udemy课程

“Start hiring confidently, interview skilfully & make recruitment decisions professionally. Avoid costly hiring mistakes.”

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“Welcome , meet your trainer and get started.
Understanding the recruitment and selection process
How to develop knowledge of the job you are hiring for
Knowledge of the person – how to specify your exact requirements
Attracting suitable applicants -an overview of the key channels available.
Shortlisting made simple
The interview: Understand the sequence and the part your play.
Asking Questions – the engine room of success
Why the right questions at the right time is critical.
Listening: – How to listen for real evidence.
Making the Final Decision with confidence
Learning Review
How to make a success of your new hire and thanks
Bonus Offers and resources”

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4. Recruiter Training – Hire Top Employees in under 30 days 经过 Craig Brown Udemy课程

“5 Courses in 1: Proven recruiting formula to hiring top employees in a month. Used by EY, IBM, eBay & more. Free book!”

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“Introduction: Welcome to this course!
Get Ready – ‘For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned’ ~ B Franklin
Create a Talent Pipeline: Get top candidates to come to you
Define the Role: Save tons of time by being precise early in the process
Define the Hiring Process: Get agreement on hiring steps to save even more time
Job Advertising: Where, when, how much and how often for maximum results
Headhunting: How to find candidates that can’t find you
Alerts: Building an ‘ethical’ pipeline of candidates for future consideration
Evaluating Resumes: Analyze 100s of resumes a day quickly, and with ease
Sourcing Recap
Contacting Candidates: Use the advertising industry’s ‘rule of three’
Screening Interviews: Fact finding and selling the opportunity
Assessments: Use the ‘heavy door’ theory of job applications
Interviews: Old hat, or creative step to hiring the right person?
Final Stages: The importance of crossing ‘i’s and dotting ‘t’s
Bonus Material”

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5. Recruiting Talent: How to find & attract the best candidates 经过 PracticalGrowth Udemy课程

“Optimize your recruiting efforts, find top talent, & make sure candidates are a perfect fit for your open positions”

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Welcome and Introduction
Recruiting needs
Where to find candidates
Completing the recruiting process
Wrapping up

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6. Recruiting & Business Development Hacks 经过 Ryan Lecour Udemy课程

“For All Levels of Staffing Pros, Staffingpreneurs & Those Just Starting Out”

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Introduction — What You Will Accomplish By the End of This Course
Fundamental Mindset & Attitude Adjustments
Bulletproof Strategies of Top Recruiters
Time: Your Greatest Alley Or Your Worst Enemy
Detail Refinement: Where to Get Granular with Your Methods
Goal Setting
Interviewing (AKA Huge Value-Extraction Opportunities)
Information Mining (Your Ticket to the Best Leads & Referrals)
Closing Candidates
Tools & Resources
Business Development Strategy
Prospect Sourcing
Simple & Carefree Telephone Marketing
Face-to-Face Marketing
Emails to Prospects
Damage Control
Prospect Sourcing Tools & Resources

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7. Social Media Recruitment for Human Resource Professionals 经过 Yogesh Sharma Udemy课程

“Complete Recruitment Workshop for HR Professionals to find talent on Social Networks, LinkedIn & 20+ Talent Communities”

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Message from your Coach : Yogesh Kumar Sharma
Boolean Search for Recruitment & Sourcing
Social Media Recruitment
LinkedIn Recruitment
AI Tools & Chrome Extensions
Bonus Sessions: Global Recruiting | Ready Boolean String | Manage Offer Decline

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8. Boolean Search for Recruitment & Sourcing (Human Resource) 经过 Yogesh Sharma Udemy课程

“Boolean Search, Boolean Operators, Boolean String, Google Advanced Search, Xray Search for HR Professionals”

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“Message from your Coach : Yogesh Kumar Sharma
Boolean Search , Operators, Boolean String & Xray Search”

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9. The Lean Recruiting Toolkit: Advanced Strategy Course! 经过 Craig Brown Udemy课程

“An Agile Blueprint for Creating & Executing Top Hiring Strategies Using Lean, Agile & Kaizen Methodologies. Free Book!”

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The Lean Recruiting Canvas – Making Your Plan
Strategy Execution: Putting Your Plan to the Test
Changing Directions for Kaizen Continuous Improvement
Post Placement
Additional Content

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10. Introduction to Hiring and Recruiting Strategy 经过 Amy Ahearn Udemy课程

“Design a Fair, Effective, and Clear Process to Source, Screen, and Select the Best People for Your Team”

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Scoping the Job
Sourcing Candidates
Screening and Selecting Candidates
Selling Candidates on the Job

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“学习招聘需要多长时间”这个问题的答案是。 . .这取决于。每个人都有不同的需求,每个人都在不同的场景下工作,所以一个人的答案可能与另一个人的答案完全不同。

考虑这些问题:你想学习 招聘 是为了什么?你的出发点在哪里?您是初学者还是有使用 招聘 的经验?你能练习多少?每天1小时?每周40小时? 查看本课程关于 招聘.

招聘 学起来容易还是难?

不,学习 招聘 对大多数人来说并不难。检查这个 关于如何学习的课程 招聘 立刻!


学习 招聘 最快的方法是先得到这个 招聘 课程, 然后尽可能练习你学到的任何东西。即使每天只有 15 分钟的练习。一致性是关键.

在哪里学习 招聘?

如果您想探索和学习 招聘,那么 Udemy 为您提供了学习 招聘 的最佳平台。查看此 关于如何学习的课程 招聘 立刻!