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Udemyアプリケーションとラップトップとノートブックを示すiPhoneのクローズアップMATLAB のスキルを向上させ、MATLAB の証明書を取得するのに役立つ何千ものオンライン コースとクラスがあります。

このブログ記事では、当社の専門家が厳選された 10 のリストをまとめました。 ベスト オブ ベスト MATLAB コース, 現在オンラインで利用できるチュートリアル、トレーニング プログラム、クラス、認定資格。



10 MATLABコース、トレーニング、チュートリアル

1. MATLAB Master Class: Go from Beginner to Expert in MATLAB に Nouman Azam Udemyコース 私たちのベストピック

“MATLAB programming, data structures, apps, data science, regular expressions, text processing, task automation”

現時点では、以上の 24126+ 人がこのコースに登録しており、 3543+ レビュー.

“Course and Instructor Introduction
———— Part 1: MATLAB from Beginer to Advance —————–
1.1: Handling variables and Creating Scripts
1.2: Doing Basic Maths in MATLAB
1.3: Operations on Matrices
Section 1.4: Lets Learn Problem Solving and Have Some Practice
1.5: Advance Math Functions with Symbolic Data Type
1.6: Interacting with MATLAB and Graphics
1.7: Importing Data into MATLAB
1.8a: MATLAB Programming
Section 1.8b: Polishing Programming Skills with More Practice
1.8: Making your own functions
1.9: Sharing your MATLAB Results
———— Part 2: Advance MATLAB Data Types ———————-
2.1: Cell Data Type
2.2: Tables and Time Tables
2.3: Working with Structures and Map Container Data Type
2.4: Data Types Conversions
———– Part 3: Machine Learning for Data Science using MATLAB ————
3.1: Data Preprocessing
3.2: Classification
3.2.1: K-Nearest Neighbor
3.2.2: Naive Bayes
3.2.3: Decision Trees
3.2.4: Support Vector Machines
3.2.5: Discriminant Analysis
3.2.6: Ensembles
3.2.7: Performance Evaluation
3.3: Clustering
3.3.1: K-Means
3.3.2: Hierarchical Clustering
3.4: Dimensionality Reduction
3.5: Project: Malware Analysis
————- Part 4: Data Preprocessing for Machine Learning using MATLAB —–
4.1: Handling Missing Values
4.2: Dealing with Categorical Variables
4.3: Outlier Detection
4.4: Feature Scaling and Data Discretization
4.5: Project: Selecting the Right Method for your Data
————- Part 5: Automate your Tasks using MATLAB ——
5.1: Controlling Mouse and Keyboards to Automate Tasks
5.2: Emails, Web and Running Scripts from Command Window
5.3: Automatically Moving Deleting and Browsing Files
5.4: Exceptions, assert, startup, finish, diary
5.5: Automate user interactions
5.6: Code debuggging and analyzer
5.7: Textual processing for automatic summarization of contents
5.8: Generating ppts, word documents and pdfs
———– Part 6: Regular Expressions using Matlab ————
6.1: Introduction to Regular Expressions
6.2: Character Classes
6.3: Anchors and Word Boundaries
6.4: Repetitiongs using Quantifiers
6.5: Group Constructs
6.6: Assertions, Conditions and Backreferencing
6.7: Practical Examples
———– Part 7: Matlab App Designing Using Guide ————
7.1: Basics of the Guide
7.2: Linking the code with the GUI
7.3: Advance techniques for GUIDE
7.4: Sample projects with GUIDE
7.5: More Useful Tricks and Examples with GUIDE
———– Part 8: Create MATLAB Apps with App Designer ————
8.1: Basics of AppDesigner
8.2: Coding GUI’s
8.3: Advance techniques
8.4: Sample projects with App Designer
BONUS: Discounted Coupons for my other MATLAB Courses”

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2. Become a Good Matlab Programmer in 30 days に Hossein Tootoonchy Udemyコース

“This is the last time, you wish you could be a Matlab Programmer”

現時点では、以上の 22918+ 人がこのコースに登録しており、 5588+ レビュー.

“Introduction to the Course
Introduction to Matlab Software and Matlab Suite
How to work with Mathematics in Matlab?
How create, define and use Variables in Matlab like a pro?
Trigonometric Functions in Matlab
Complex Numbers in Matlab Programming
Vectors in Matlab – Let’s lay the foundation
Matrices – Let’s see the Power of Matlab
Introduction to Calculus, and Engineering Functions in MATLAB
Graphs & Plots in Matlab
Loops, Conditions, and Intro to Programming in Matlab
Let’s Code some Matlab Projects in Matlab (Codes included)
How to Import Data from Excel to Matlab and Manipulate it
Bonus Materials
Intermediate & Advanced Matlab Topics
Data Types and Commands
Working with Files
Matrix in Matlab
Scripts, Functions and M-Files in Matlab
Advanced Plotting in Matlab
Functions in Matlab
Logical Statement & Operations in Matlab
Additional Matlab Projects
Next Steps”

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3. Master MATLAB through Guided Problem Solving に “Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy, Mike X Cohen” Udemyコース

Become an expert in MATLAB Programming and Scientific Computing. Advance your career in Engineering Physics Biology etc

現時点では、以上の 20410+ 人がこのコースに登録しており、 3586+ レビュー.

“Course Introduction
Getting Started
Vectors and Variables
Command Statements
Import and Export Data
Translate Formulas into Code
Descriptive Statistics
2D Plotting
3D Plotting
Data Animations
Graphical User Interfaces
Functions and Anonymous Functions
Find, Min, Max
Calculus and Differential Equations
Cleaning Univariate Time Series
Cleaning Multivariate Time Series
Time Series Analysis
Spectral Analysis
Matrix Analysis
Circular Distributions and Analyses
Fractal Time Series and Images
Nonparametric Statistics
Nonlinear Model Fitting
Bonus section”

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4. Learn MATLAB and Simulink Programming に Jordan Christman Udemyコース

Master MATLAB Programming fundamentals and Simulink to increase your number crunching abilities.

現時点では、以上の 6303+ 人がこのコースに登録しており、 986+ レビュー.

MATLAB Figures and Plots
MATLAB Project 2
Basic Comands
Using Vectors and Matrices
MATLAB Project 3
Programming Loops & Conditional Statements
MATLAB Project 4
Functions in MATLAB
Simulink Introduction
Simulink Features
Simulink Project Examples
Appendix A: Download & Install MATLAB and Simulink
Appendix B: MATLAB Environment Overview
Appendix C: Restoring Your Workspace

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5. “MATLAB onramp 2021: coding, concepts, confidence, and style” に Mike X Cohen Udemyコース

“Learn the key MATLAB programming skills that separate experts from novices: debugging, functions, and visualization”

現時点では、以上の 6179+ 人がこのコースに登録しており、 1073+ レビュー.

Download all course materials
The MATLAB desktop environment
Scripts and functions, part 1
Getting data into and out of MATLAB
Control statements
Visualizing data and functions
Functions, part 2
Bonus section”

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6. The Complete MATLAB Mastery – From a Beginner to an Expert に Tod Vachev Udemyコース

“Learn From Top MATLAB Experts In The Field – MATLAB Basics, High Quality Code, Data Visualization, Loops and much more!”

現時点では、以上の 6106+ 人がこのコースに登録しており、 904+ レビュー.

Variables and Basic Functions in MATLAB
Basic Arithmetic Operations and Code Documentation
The Basics of Vectors in MATLAB
Advanced Vector Techniques in MATLAB
The Basics of Matrices in MATLAB
Advanced Matrix Techniques in MATLAB
Data Visualization – Visualize Your Data in a Meaningful Way, Express Yourself
Conditional Statements – Control the Flow In Your Code
Loops – Write Less Code
Projects Parts 14 to 18 – Loops
Functions – Reuse Code
Bonus Section”

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7. Learn MATLAB with Image Processing from scratch! に Mohit Aggarwal Udemyコース

Learn how to use MATLAB with this awesome toolbox of Image Processing. No previous experience required at all!

現時点では、以上の 3884+ 人がこのコースに登録しており、 699+ レビュー.

Getting Started
Basic Reading Writing
Image Conversions
Play with Image Histogram
Image Smoothing
Learn to Detect Edges
Image Thresholding
Learn to Remove Image Noise
Morphological Image Processing
Hands-on Projects

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8. MATLAB/Simulink – Simulink Course for Electrical Engineering に “Rezk A., Ahmed Mahdy / Khadija Academy” Udemyコース

Learn basics of MATLAB Simulink to simulate different electric components in MATLAB Simulink for electrical engineering

現時点では、以上の 3325+ 人がこのコースに登録しており、 556+ レビュー.

Introduction To MATLAB
Matrices In MATLAB
Elementary Mathematics in MATLAB
Graphics In MATLAB
Programming With MATLAB
Data Import & Analysis In MATLAB
Symbolic Math Toolbox In MATLAB
Applications On Matrices In MATLAB
Electric Circuits Simulations
Resonance Simulations Using Simulink In MATLAB
Power Electronics Simulations Using Simulink In MATLAB
Solar Energy Simulation Using Simulink In MATLAB
Wind Energy Simulation Using Simulink In MATLAB
DC Motor Simulation Using Simulink In MATLAB
Induction Motor Simulation Using Simulink In MATLAB
Synchronous Generator Simulation In Simulink Of MATLAB
Power System Simulations
PID Controller In MATLAB

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9. MATLAB/Simulink for Power Electronics Simulations に “Ricardo Romero, PE” Udemyコース

“Learn Simulink by modeling power electronics devices (rectifiers, dc-to-dc converters & inverters) in MATLAB/Simulink”

現時点では、以上の 2738+ 人がこのコースに登録しており、 460+ レビュー.

Course Introduction
Introduction to MATLAB/Simulink for Power Electronics
Rectifier Simulations in MATLAB/Simulink
DC-to-DC Converter Simulations in MATLAB/Simulink
Inverter Simulations in MATLAB/Simulink
Course Exam
Bonus Section

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10. MATLAB for Engineering Students Part 1 に “Cherish Qualls, PhD” Udemyコース

“Learn the MATLAB basics you need. Matrices, plotting, logicals, looping, functions & more are covered with many examples”

現時点では、以上の 2622+ 人がこのコースに登録しており、 578+ レビュー.

Introduction to MATLAB
Vectors and Matrices
Basics of MATLAB Programming
Logical Statements

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MATLAB の学習に関してよく寄せられる質問をいくつかご紹介します。


「MATLAB を習得するのにどのくらいの時間がかかりますか」という質問に対する答えは です。 . .場合によります。誰もが異なるニーズを持っており、誰もが異なるシナリオで作業しているため、ある人の答えは別の人の答えとはまったく異なる場合があります.

次の質問を考えてみてください: 何のために MATLAB を学ぼうとしていますか?あなたの出発点はどこですか?あなたは初心者ですか、それとも MATLAB の経験がありますか?どのくらい練習できますか? 1日1時間?週40時間? MATLABに関するこのコースをチェックしてください.

MATLAB を学ぶのは簡単ですか、それとも難しいですか?

いいえ、MATLAB を学ぶことは、ほとんどの人にとって難しいことではありません。これをチェックして 学習方法のコース MATLAB あっという間に!


MATLABを学ぶための最速の方法は、最初にこれを取得することです MATLABコース, それから、学んだことはいつでも練習してください。 1日たった15分の練習でも構いません。一貫性が鍵.

MATLAB はどこで学べますか?

MATLAB を調べて学習したい場合は、Udemy が MATLAB を学習するための最適なプラットフォームを提供します。これを確認してください。 学習方法のコース MATLAB あっという間に!